Prototype 3

More progress on the prototype DRO. Buttons are now working – Axis reset and Measurement toggle.
Also added a startup config option to allow default metric/imperial measurement and reverse axis options.

New board has been designed and back from the PCB house. I have added a header for S/W SPI port and select
lines in case anyone whats to use standard 7-segment displays via MAX7219/MAX7221 drivers.

display-p3 Display-p3-2

The board uses a surface mount TQFP ATMEGA328P. ICP and FTDI headers provided for Bootloader/Prog.
I managed to load the bootloader using either an UNO as a programmer or using a cheap USBASP programmer board.
Both worked. The board is treated as a Arduino Uno and must be set as this in the Arduino ADE for either bootloading or programming via FTDI.

Font still needs updating for the OLED display.

Sensors have been mounted in the aluminium cases I made earlier. I have potted these in epoxy resin and added armoured cable.

The top of the AS5311 sensor sits above the resin and casing by a small amount.


My small Taig mill will be the first recipient of the DRO. I’ve spent a few days making the mounting brackets for this.
Here’s the Z Axis sensor mounted and ready to go. The magnetic strip is mounted in a 16mm square aluminium U channel.

I’m in the process of mounting the X and Y sensors.


Next step is to mount the display board. For this I plan to mill the case from a solid block of one inch thick aluminium.

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